Provision for children with special educational needs (SEN)

Our school is an inclusive school which aims to involve all pupils in the wider life of the school. At Moorfield Primary, we cater for all children with SEN, including children with needs in the following areas:

•    communication and interaction, including Autistic Spectrum Disorder;
•    cognitive and learning;
•    social, emotional and mental health; and
•    sensory and/or physical.

The Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) oversees the children with SEN and supports teachers and teaching assistants in working with them and providing appropriate strategies and learning experiences. Our SENCO is to be updated in the light of staffing and changes in provision.

Our SEN policy is available at school from the school office.

Children with SEN will have an individual education plan (IEP) written by class teachers with targets to improve their learning or develop their skills. The IEPs are shared with parents at parents’ evenings. They are reviewed 3 times per year after assessments and new targets are written.

Children with SEN are given support to help them to reach their targets. This may be through a different level of activity, help from an adult, extra resources to use, small group work, 1 to 1 work with a teaching assistant. Your child’s class teacher will organise this under the direction of the SENCO.

ASC Resource Provision

To be updated in the light of staffing and changes in provision

Salford Information and Advice Support Service (SIASS)

Salford Local Authority have SIASS that offers to support parents and gives information about special needs issues, schools or other provision. Parents may contact Salford’s SIASS support worker:

Mrs Liz Williams on 0161 778 0343   or
Mrs Maureen Fowler on 0161 778 0349

External Agencies

Throughout the year, the following agencies have supported special educational needs pupils in the school:
_ Educational Psychology
_ Speech & Language
_ School Nurse

Staff Training

Staff in school have had training in the following areas:
_ Team teach
_ ELKLAN speech and language
_ ASD in the classroom
_ Supporting pupils with special educational needs
_ SENCO Conference
_ Provision Mapping


Test papers are used to assess children’s learning and progress then inputted onto Connecting Steps, a computerised tracking system. This system is used by all staff and the SENCO to record assessments, set targets and track progress.

Governor Involvement

The Governing body review policies and are updated about SEN practice.

Local Offer

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