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In Year 4/5 this term we have been very busy indeed! We have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the wonderful William Shakespeare! Can you believe that we still use many of his words and phrases are still used today? ‘Heart of gold’, ‘love is blind’ and even ‘good riddance’ were all thought of by this playwright hundreds of years ago.

We have really enjoyed reading the brutal and, at times, gory Macbeth. We have acted out and written our own play scripts. It was really interesting to experiment with dialogue and stage directions.  To help us to remember the story we listened to a musical version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCsQ21ySfvA, hopefully you like it as much as we do.

In Maths we have carried out many practical investigations to look for alternative methods to solve problems. Additionally, in topic it has been great fun learning about previous monarchs and the impact that they had on modern day. Even Miss Seddon was shocked to hear that King John and the Magna Carta inspired ‘The rule of law’ that everyone must abide by…every single country in the world follows laws.

Next term we are learning about ‘The Blue Abyss’. We can’t wait!

Miss Seddon and Miss Wright.

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