Inclement Weather

Inclement weather can be defined as snow, ice, and fog, which render journeys extremely hazardous.


Extremely hazardous includes those conditions in which the appropriate authorities advise people not to make unnecessary journeys or indeed travel at all.


The decision to close a school unexpectedly is not taken lightly; it is a decision which will be made by Mr Nightingale. In all cases we will seek to avoid a school closure unless it is absolutely necessary. 


Moorfield Primary School aims to maintain a service to parents/carers and pupils for as long as is reasonably practical.  However, the interest and safety of children and staff are paramount under these circumstances.



Once the decision to close the school has been made, Mr Nightingale will:


  • Update the city council school closure website. This is the site that the local radio stations will access in order to publish details of any closures:
  • Notify The Chair of Governors, Mr David Fielding
  • Parents/Carers will be informed by SMS text message of the closure, if possible by 7.30am and a message will go out on the school app.
  • Any staff who are experiencing travel difficulties/delays must contact David Nightingale by 7:30am. 
  • If the closure lasts longer than 1 day, further text messages will be sent to parents/carers and staff and the web site will be updated daily
  • Staff will be updated by text message daily
  • A return to school will be notified to parents/carers and staff by text message and the school website.




  • Keep school informed of any changes in mobile telephone numbers
  • Check mobile phone for messages, and relevant web sites



  • Keep school informed of any changes in mobile telephone numbers
  • Check mobile phone for messages, and relevant web sites



  • To keep the Local Authority fully informed
  • To keep Parents/Carers and Staff fully informed
  • To keep the Chair of Governors informed
  • Risk Assessment carried out to ascertain whether it is safe for staff and pupils to return to school which would include:
  • Heating system working
  • Ensure pathways have been prioritised and cleared
  • Risk of slipping on floors inside school
  • Staffing levels
  • Identify which members staff live close enough to the school and should be able to make it in
  • Identify/prioritise which classes/year groups you will be able to keep operational if a full return is not possible
  • Consider the possibility of opening later and closing earlier
  • Consider advising staff/pupils to wear sensible clothing and footwear – include on messages on answer phone and website


Site Officer

  • Follow procedures as regards holiday heating procedures
  • Check stocks of rock salt
  • Check that matting located in entrance areas is suitable and in good condition to minimise the risk of slipping
  • Ensure you have suitable equipment to clear away snow/ice to create safe pathways in and out of the school building
  • Ensure that all pathways are maintained