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Moorfield Resource Provision

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Moorfield Community Primary School Side Image

Moorfield is one of the 4 Primary Schools in Salford with a Resource Provision and we have places for 18 pupils from Reception to Year 6. The children have a diagnosis of autism and an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).

The school works in partnership with the local authority and parents/carers to assess the suitability of pupils for a place at the school or within the Resource Provision. The Resource Provision caters for pupils who need additional provision to that which is provided in a mainstream school but may not need the specialist environment provided through ‘Special Education’.

There are 3 teachers and 5 learning support assistants within the resource and Mrs Lewis (Assistant Headteacher and SENCO) oversees the provision. Pupils usually spend some of their time at the resource where they have access to teaching in a small group, and integrate into our mainstream classes for some part of the curriculum. The key concept of the resource provision is that the pupils will have access to the experiences and resources of the mainstream school. Although the resource has been developed to support students with autism who are able to access our mainstream provision for part of the curriculum, it is recognised that some of our pupils may still be working towards some level of inclusion.

The Resource Provision provides an education for children who require autism specific provision which is tailored to meet their social, sensory and communication needs, as well as providing support to enable them to manage levels of anxiety. Pupils may have a 5 Point Scale to help them to manage their emotions and a sensory diet to help them regulate in readiness for learning activities. Visuals are used to support children with communication and learning needs and social stories help pupils to learn why things are happening and support them in understanding this.

We work in close liaison with parents, with daily contact through face to face for those who bring and collect their child or Home School Books, phone and email contact for pupils who travel on transport. Parents are encouraged to attend school meetings: ‘Meet the Teacher’ Days and Annual Reviews with their child’s class teacher to discuss progress.


Pupils in the Resource Provision may be supported by outside agencies with whom staff work closely: Educational Psychology Service; Speech and Language Therapy Service; Primary Inclusion Team; Occupational Therapy Service; Paediatrics and CAMHS; and Autism, Communication, Education Team.

Further Information

Should you require further information about Moorfield Resource Provision, then please contact Mrs S. Lewis (Assistant Headteacher, SENCO) on 0161 921 1960 or via email: