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Coronavirus Information

November update to our school Risk Assessment as of November 2nd 2020:

  • All staff to wear face covering (mask or visor) when on the school gate
  • Staff to wear face coverings (visors) when interacting with groups of children – this is even if the children are within their bubble and includes interventions, differentiated group work, RWI, tuition
  • Outside teaching visitors (Grow Outside, Chess, Tuition) all to have visors – Lessons with EdStart and Manchester United to be conducted with a minimum 2m distance and in a large space (hall/outside) teacher to take the class to the instructor and not the other way around  
  • All adults who enter the building must wear a face covering – it is to be checked that this is the case at the office before letting adults in through the gates. Where an adult does not have a face covering access to the building cannot be given an they must be met outside the main door
  • Meetings with parents in school to be not be able to take place– if a meeting cannot take place virtually then it must be taken outside. If none of these are possible then a member of the SLT to be spoken to seek a solution
  • Visitors will not be allowed in school unless they are on the approved list. Should a visitor need to come to school then staff member to speak to DN for approval/risk assess. School has registered with Track and Trace and all visitors must sign in using the NHS app.
  • Children are to be discouraged from bringing items in from home. Children have all the equipment they need in school and this is cleaned daily and stored in their own pencil case.