Welcome to Year 3

               Hello and welcome to Year 3’s class page


Our recent focus in maths has been Fractions. A few children have struggled to add and subtract fractions. Remember our top tip. If the denominator is the same it will remain the same in the answer. Set some questions for yourself to practice at home.

Times tables

We are currently focussing on 6x 8x tables. Each pack contains times tables from 6x up to 12x so challenge yourself with these. U tube times table clips are a fun, active way to learn these so check these out. You can also write these out in your time tables books/ purple homework books.


Refer to your pack where you will find the spelling grid. Set yourself a spelling challenge and choose ten spellings to practise writing out and test yourself each week. You could write these words out in a sentence. Here are few additional words:

anywhere           going                    where                   were                     beautiful                           

special                  operation           weight                  height                   always                 

necessary             answer               exercise               honest                  grateful                

your                       care

Other resources

Have a look and explore some other websites below for ideas:





A message from your teacher:

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all staying fit and healthy and looking after each other in your family. Hope you are exploring your learning packs and keeping busy. Remember you have a timetable to help you plan out your days effectively so you don’t become bored! Perhaps you could keep a diary showing what you have done each day when you have been at home.

Remember it is important to try and get some fresh air and exercise when you can. I went for a long walk in the sunshine yesterday and felt so much healthier afterwards. Later this afternoon I am going to plant some bulbs in pots. Also, you could explore some creative skills by becoming artists and designers. You could draw some spring flowers, insects and decorate an egg for Easter. What about making your own lunches with help or trying out some recipes with baking activities.

Keep busy and have fun everyone!

Thinking of you.

Bye for now,

Mrs Jones