Year 3             


Hello and welcome to Year 3’s class page

A message from your teacher

I hope you are all well and had a lovely Easter and that you haven’t exploded from eating too many chocolate eggs!!  We have been so lucky with the warm weather, at least we can get outside for some daily fresh air which is much needed.

I hope you are managing to work through your home -learning packs and enjoying some of the activities and setting yourself challenges. Remember to read daily and write stories/poems/ keep a diary of what you’ve been doing.

Remember it is important to make time for exercise and opportunities to be creative. There are so many ideas on the websites, especially Twinkl. This is the perfect time to venture out into the garden and explore nature, patterns, shapes and textures. Use your observational skills to draw flowers, insects, leaves and trees. You could take a look out of your window and sketch /create what you see. Your opportunities really are endless!! 

I wonder if any of you have become Master Chefs and helped out in the kitchen? Since being off my family have enjoyed discussing what to eat each night for tea and taking turns to cook. We have enjoyed sitting down and sharing a meal together. Normally everyone is so busy with people coming and going that I often eat on my own. We have also explored various board games and played quizzes, which we don’t normally have the time to do.

So there really are some positives during this very different time in our lives. I know when we return to school, we will appreciate one another more and really value our families and friendship.

I am really missing you all and I’m extremely proud as I picture each and every one of you keeping busy and making the most of this time. I know you will be following our school values- being ready, respectful and safe.

Bye for now

Take Care                                                           

Mrs Jones


Times tables

We are currently focussing on 6x 8x tables. Each pack contains times tables from 6x up to 12x so challenge yourself with these. U tube times table clips are a fun, active way to learn these so check these out. You can also write these out in your time tables books/ purple homework books.


Refer to your pack where you will find the spelling grid. Set yourself a spelling challenge and choose ten spellings to practise writing out and test yourself each week. You could write these words out in a sentence. Here are few additional words:

anywhere           going                    where                   were                     beautiful                           

special                  operation           weight                  height                   always                 

necessary             answer               exercise               honest                  grateful                

your                       care

Other resources

Have a look and explore some other websites below for ideas:

Here are a few more fun activities for you to try at home.

  • Write a letter to your friend telling them what you have been doing during your time at home.
  • Bake some biscuits or cakes. Google to explore different recipes.
  • Design your own recipe book. Think about special foods you enjoy as a family.
  • Imagine our year 3 class have been signed up to play against your favourite football team. This is your choice!! Write down some powerful words/ adjectives to describe how you feel.

A local newspaper wants you to write a short report about this.


Your emotions. How do you feel? Has this always been a dream of yours?

What skills do individual members have in our class team? (Think about our P.E lessons and the key strengths shown by many of you)!!

  • Write an Acrostic poem about different themes. Examples: Weather/ Sunshine/ Friends name/ Favourite holiday place/ favourite sport.
  • Design a front cover of a Fashion magazine. What outfit would you like to be photographed in?
  • Research information about a place you wish to visit one day.
  • Design a poster about ‘Staying safe in the sun’. Research what precautions we need to take to ensure our safety. Use persuasive text.
  • Design a poster to remind people about Our Governments Policy at this current time. (Covid 19). What message do you need to include in your poster? Remember to use persuasive text for this.
  • Design your own secret garden. Imagine what you would like to have in your garden and think carefully about your design layout.

    Maths Challenge

  • Think of a number between 1-10. Double it then Treble it =
  • Think of a number between 1-20. Double it then Treble it =
  • Think of a number between 20- 30. Double it then halve it=
  • Think of a number between 20- 30. Double it then halve it=
  • Think of a number between 1-50. Double it then halve it=

    Now set yourself some more challenges.


Keep busy and have fun everyone!