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Welcome to Year 3’s page where lots of exciting and interesting new learning is taking place!

The children in Year 3 have cover a wide range of subjects in connection with their topics. The first topic covered was Rainforests, which involved re-writing The Great Kapok Tree and exploring the different layers. We looked at tribes and tribal life across the globe as well as the effects of deforestation and trade links – particularly the chocolate making process! 

In Autumn 2, we moved onto History to look at the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages. The children have written some brilliant fantasy stories in connection with our focus story Stone Age Boy. The class said that their favourite parts of the topic were when they did role play as a stimulus for writing. 

Since Christmas, we have been looking at the Romans, following the Cornerstones plan for ‘I Am Warrior!’ The children have really enjoyed talking about battle tactics and creating freeze frames to show the tale of Queen Boudicca. We have sent letters to home as a Roman soldier at Hadrien’s Wall before writing real letters to the lovely ladies and gentlemen at Hartley Green care home. The children loved reading their replies and will continue to exchange letters in response. Soon, we will be moving onto Escape from Pompeii where we will look at the eruption of Mount Versuvious many years ago and the destruction it caused before writing dialogue and setting descriptions as if we were there. 

On Friday 2nd February, the Y3 team enjoyed a trip to Chetham School of Music in Manchester to watch an awesome concert covering music from the classics like Beethoven, Mozart and Tchaikovsky. We watched an alien encounter and learned more about the different musical instruments of an orchestra. 

After Easter, we will begin our topic Predator! The children will learn more about predators, prey and food chains. This will pose questions of extinction and we will look at ways in which the human race can help the animals. We are also going to be looking at The BFG so save those empty jars!! We will be making dream jars and writing poems about dreams to go with them. 

In Summer 2, Year 3 will move onto a topic called ‘Scrumdiddlyumptious!’ where the children will have a go at cooking for our very own class restaurant! We will be creating leaflets, posters and menus to invite people to eat food at our restaurant. For English, we will focus our attention on Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which will help us with our food descriptions. 

World Book Day is fast approaching on Thursday 1st March! We can dress up as any character from a book and we have planned some enchanting activities and lessons for the day! 

We have had so much fun already in Year 3 and it’s only half way through the year!! ​
We are looking forward to making more exciting memories and fun learning! 

Miss Sowerby and Mrs Greer


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