Year 4

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A message from your teacher

Hello everyone,

I hope you’re all okay and have had a lovely Easter! I have been enjoying the sunshine, spending time with my family and treating myself to an egg or two!! I hope that you and your families are staying safe and having fun in your own homes. Well done for all of your hard work with your home learning, you’re all doing amazing! I have loved seeing what you have been doing to keep busy, so please make sure that you continue to share all of your wonderful ideas with us! In case you are running out of things to do, there will be new home learning packs available on the school website very soon! Also, if you need any help with any of your home learning, I am happy to help. Please ensure to email the school so that I can support you! I am planning on setting you some fun dance challenges to try out with your families and make you all smile!  So, please look out for my video on the school website. I am missing you all very much and I cannot wait to be back together as a class.

Hopefully see you soon!

Miss O’Neill x

Updated list:

Here are some more useful links to extend your home learning that you can access online:

This website has lots of online Maths learning for year 4. Each video comes with a downloadable worksheet for children to complete. This does not have to be printed out as the children can work from the worksheet into their books.

This website can be used to inspire the children and give them something interesting to write about. It shows a different picture every day whilst asking questions and setting mini activities for the children to try, related to the given image.

This website has many worksheets that the children can use to practise punctuating their sentences correctly.

Here, your children can learn about Science, History, Art and Design and Languages. They can choose what they want to know more about and take control of their own learning.

Here are some more ideas that you can do at home without needing internet access:

  • Create your own Maths treasure hunt. Write down arithmetic questions on little of pieces of paper and get a family member to hide them around the house. You could set your self a challenge to see how fast you can find and work them out.
  • Sit outside and do some nature sketching. Can you sketch a flower, a tree or something else that is outdoors?
  • Go on a mini beast hunt in your garden or outdoor space. Here is a checklist that you may want to use if you have access to the internet:

  • Make sure that you are doing lots of reading! In addition to your school reading book and other books, there are many more things that you can read. What else can you find in your house to read? For example: a newspaper, a magazine, a comic, the back of a cereal box etc.. The list is endless!


Our most recent focus in Maths has been multiplication and division. It was evident that most children were not confident in ALL of their times tables.  Their ability to mentally recall times tables is essential. Therefore, this is something that can be worked on at home.

Times tables:

In class, we have spent time practising the 3, 4 and 11-times tables. I would particularly like children to practise the 6, 7, 8, 9 and 12- times tables.  Children can do this by accessing the times tables games attached below. Additionally, please use the timetables books which are sent home weekly.


I have attached a link to the Year 3&4 statutory spelling list.  This list is also included in the home learning packs, alongside a sheet that explains many interesting ways that they can practise their spellings.  I would advise children to choose 10 words each week and continue to carry out a weekly test, similar to what we do in class on Fridays. Before moving on to another set of words, children should know the meaning of each word and be able to use them in a sentence.  

Useful resources:

Have a look at some of the websites below for other ideas of activities to do…