Welcome to Year 5

Hello and welcome to Year 5’s class page


Our most recent focus in maths has been multiplication and division and a lot of the children have struggled with dividing with remainders so this is something that can be worked on at home. We had also just started to work on fractions, so this can be continued at home.


The tables we focus on in year 5 are 1-12 and the one we have been recently learning is 7s. Please use your timetables books which are sent home weekly to continue learning these. There are also a selection of timestable games in your home learning pack.


Here are some of the spellings we would have been learning over next 4 weeks:

Bustle, castle, fasten, glisten, hustle, jostle, listen, nestle, rustle, soften

adorably, comfortably, considerably, credibly, horribly, incredibly, miserable, possibly, reasonably, responsibly

absent, ancient, confident, decent, dependent, different, efficient, frequent, innocent, intelligent

absence, agency, competence, decency, dependence, innocence, intelligence, independence

In your home learning pack, is the Y5/6 statutory list. Please also aim to learn 5 of these a week. 

A selection of ways to learn and practise spellings are in your home learning pack.

Other resources:






A message from your teacher:

I hope that you are all adjusting to learning at home. Try to choose a few ideas from your home-learning packs each day, but also make sure you stay active and enjoy yourself. I am looking forward to seeing everybody when all this is over.

Stay safe!

Mr Darbyshire